July Full Council Meeting

The Council’s July Meeting:

  • Was postponed because of the high temperatures at the start of the week of 21st July
  • Heard from members of the public about:
    • Histon & Impington Green Spaces (HIGS) and a request from them for funding from the Council. Trustees of the charity spoke to the need, and alternative views we expressed by another member of the public
    • The proposed lease by the Council of a portion of land to Stir to provide outdoor seating for the café
  • Heard from County Cllr Hathorn about ongoing staffing crisis at the County Council, particularly in Highways, and looking for Parish Council support with maintenance
  • Had a brief discussion about possible routes to parking enforcement once Civil Parking Enforcement comes into effect in SCDC
  • Agreed to continue to discuss a possible lease of land next to Stir to the café for outdoor seating. A group was set up to discuss and agree heads of terms for a lease, to be brought back to Council for decision
  • Agreed to set up a group to consider the request for funding from Histon & Impington Green Space (Abbey Fields), and to try to come up with a clear decision quickly
  • Agreed to fund training for up to 12 people so that they could legally manage road closures. To try to get this in place ahead of the Remembrance Sunday parade.
  • Agreed additional funding for more double yellow lines at Bell Hill/Park Lane, Windmill Lane and Cambridge Road near Station Stores, being part of the Local Highways Initiative scheme with the County Council
  • Agreed to consider a request to take over the coordination of the Remembrance Sunday parade, including road closures etc. Would have an impact on insurance, require risk assessments etc.

The next meeting of the Council would be September 19th

One thought on “July Full Council Meeting

  1. Avatar for Clerk

    Mike Mason former Parish Councillor

    With reference to the possible lease of land to Stir, I am assuming that the area concerned is the land formerly known as Manorial Waste Land of the Parish of Histon and registered at the Land Registry in the ownership of Histon parish council. Members of the working group need to bear in mind that the land in question has the Youth Shelter located within a few feet of the cafe and that this is available for public use 24/7. Furthermore the area is crossed underground by the Anglian Water Services Ltd. sewage overflow pipe from Home Close pumping station discharging into the brook opposite Brook House. Unfortunately Anglian Water installed this pipe under Emergency Discharge Consent from Environment Agency WITHOUT local consultation or permission before HPC ownership was confirmed. In recent years raw sewage pump failures at Home Close have been dealt with by road tankers working in relays between Home Close and Milton Treatment works before overflow to the brook occurred. However this may not be the case in future and the Council and any potential leaseholders should be aware of the possible health hazard. Sewage overflow with resultant pollution has recently become a very hot National Issue. If I can advise further please feel free to contact me.

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