Histon and Impington LHI Application 23/24 Consultation

Histon and Impington LHI Application 23/24

What is the Local Highways Improvement programme?

In previous years the Parish Council has bid to the County Council’s Local Highways Improvement (LHI) programme by proposing improvements highway improvements around the village. Feedback from residents at the Feast Market led the Council to focus on improving moving around the villages safely on footpaths.

When this was successful, it attracted the maximum amount of funding available from the County Council. Typically, the Parish Council has bid to spend some £10,000 each year and consequently attracted the maximum funding available from County Council so we’ve been able to do £20,000 worth of work to our footpaths. The Parish Council has had successful applications for four years, three applications to improve footpaths and one to improve the junction at Station Road/Baptist Church.

The change of administration at the County Council in 2020 has resulted in a different focus for the LHI. The County is keen to see this programme achieve more in terms of providing safer routes along public highways by enhancing pedestrian and cyclist safety. This means we too started to shift our focus away from stand-alone footpaths to road junctions and crossings across public highways. The first such project we proposed was a raised crossing on the southside of The Green where Brook Close joins it. This also supported the priorities in the Neighbourhood Plan which encouraged safe walking routes and also sought to secure the future of The High Street.

What is being Proposed?

A raised crossing at the mouth of Station Road where it joins the High Street (between the Boot and Co-op). This arrangement is often known as a ‘Copenhagen crossing’. There are many examples in Cambridge, elsewhere in the county and though out the UK.

A yellow box added to the High Street opposite Station Road exit.

This is shown in the sketch below (with the new crossing shown in red).  The exact sizes and locations will be determined as part of the detailed design phase with the County Council.

Station Road, Copenhagen Proposal
Station Road, Copenhagen Proposal

What benefits will it bring?

The crossing is on a key route to the local school (Brook Primary), and will help people cross Station Road to reach the Zebra crossing to the Green.   It will make it clearer to drivers that they should be giving way to pedestrians trying cross the side road. This will reinforce the latest Highway code that clarifies an expectation to allow pedestrians priority where they cross a side road entrance.

The yellow box will aid people turning out of Station Road onto the High Street.  This is especially true during the morning school run, when there are large numbers of adults and children on bikes who turn right out of Station Road, and then immediately left into The Green.  These movements are often blocked by a queue of cars on the high street.

Local Policy?

This supports several priorities and policies in the Histon and Impington local plan

HIM06 – Commerical Core

By improving access between the Western and Eastern of the High Street, this will help to ensure that people are easily able to access all of the local facilities and shops.

HIM14 – Walking and Cycling Routes.

This new crossing will make it easier for people walking along the High Street to cross Station Road.

Local Support/Consultation?

A key part of the LHI decision matrix Local Highway Improvement funding – Cambridgeshire County Council is the need to demonstrate local support for the improvements.  We plan to carry out a consultation exercise by

  • Publicizing the changes in
    • HisImp news
    • HiHub
    • The School newsletters
    • Histon and Impington Facebook page
    • On site visits to Station Road during busy periods (morning school run)


What are the timescales?

The deadline for submitting the application is January 6th 2023.

If we are successful in our bid then construction would occur during Summer 2024.

What will it cost

The Parish council is bidding for funding from the County council as part of the Local Highways Initiative Local Highway Improvement funding – Cambridgeshire County Council.   This will be added to by a contribution from the Parish council of up to £15,000.  The exact cost will not be known until the scheme has been fully designed, but is expected to in the region of £35,000.

What else is being done in Histon and Impington?

  1. There is an existing scheme in progress under the previous year’s LHI scheme. This scheme will add a similar raised crossing across Brook Close, further down the high street.

For more details on this see

A Copenhagen Crossing for Brook Close, Histon | Cycling Dad UK (

  1. There is also a scheme in progress to replace the unsightly red and white barriers at the bottom of Bell Hill with a more attractive permanent solution.
  2. The Parish Council have initiated a scheme to review the barriers on many of our footpaths to see what opportunities there are to safely remove those that prevent easy usage of the paths by wheelchairs, buggys, adapted cycles and other non-powered vehicles while maintaining safety for all users.

Examples of Raised Crossing

There are several examples of raised crossing in Cambridge, including

88 Mill Rd – Google Maps

CycleStreets » Photo #18430 Raised table entry treatment to Glisson Road, using block paving. The small …

Why this scheme in particular?

The constraints of the timing of the LHI bid for this year have meant that it was only feasible to suggest and get feedback on a single project for the 23/24 round of funding.  The Parish Council felt that this scheme provided a clear set of benefits for the village, which would likely show a strong level of support from the community.

We would like further feedback from the community about the issues people face getting around the village and any changes you would like to see.


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