Housing Needs Survey

Histon & Impington Parish Council are supporting an independent survey by Cambridgeshire ACRE. Every resident in the village will soon be receiving a letter from Cambridgeshire ACRE with details of  how to take part and complete the survey. Within the letter is a URL link, we have received reports the URL link has spaces so does not work, please remove the spaces and try again or use this link:

Through this survey the Parish Council and Cambridgeshire ACRE hope to identify all those existing and potential households in Histon and Impington who cannot afford to rent or buy a home on the open market. However, the Parish Council are also interested in the demand for self-build and market housing.

The results will help decide whether there is a need for affordable housing in the parish and, if so, the type of affordable housing that would best meet local needs, so it is important that as many people as possible take part.

The survey will close on Friday 18th November 2022