Histon & Impington Parish Council – Please share your views on our 3-year budget plans

HIPC  Finance Consultation


Every year Histon & Impington Parish Council looks at setting your Parish precept which determines our part of the council tax element.  This year we want to engage with you to get a feel for how residents would like to focus our spend in the future.

We are working on a process of creating 3 year budgets for which we would like your input.  This will help us produce medium and longer term finance planning for HIPC to allow us to develop services and long term strategy that you wish to see delivered to drive improved facilities and and a better environment for our residents.

Please complete our survey, link below to provide your input and ideas for our 3-year plans and budget spend.
For more information on Parish Councils and precept please see this document from National Association Local Councils (NALC)
Parish and town councils: recent issues ( Thanks
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