Tree Planting and replanting in the villages

The Nature and Biodiversity Committee approved a spend of approximately £1300 on a selection of 15 trees to be planted at various locations around the villages. New planting is part of the Council’s response to the Climate Emergency, and also starts the process of replanting trees to replace those we are having to remove as part of the scheduled works programme generated by our tree surveys. The trees and locations were recommended to us by Dan Mace and took into account the results from the 2021 ‘Green Canopy’ survey. Planting sites include both Parish Council-owned sites such as Manor Field and the South Road Play Area, and areas not owned by the PC.

Dan Mace and the Iceni Cubs had a great afternoon planting eight of the trees at Manor Field. They planted:

– six Grayswood Ghost birches in two groups of three. This variety has fantastic bright white bark.

– Red Oak (Quercus rubra) – this will make a really fine specimen tree in the middle of the field

– Indian rain tree (Koelreuteria paniculata) – an interesting tree with yellow flowers.  It does well in drought and is very hardy.  This tree has been growing in a large pot in Dan’s garden for the last ~28 years.  Hopefully it’ll appreciate its newfound freedom; if it doesn’t survive we’ll plant a replacement.

Dan and his wife Penny Reeves planted a field maple on Cottenham Road, near Parlour Close.

Dan Mace was joined by Iris, a year 8 student at IVC, and her Mum Rachel  to plant a AA hornbeam (Carpinus Ccaroliniana Red Fall), on the patch of grass on Cottenham Road, opposite Barrowcrofts. Iris wanted to do some tree planting as part of her ICAS (Impington Creativity, Activity and Service) project.  Dan says “A win-win – great to have some help and for her to have something to base her ICAS project on.” Parish Councillor Joseph Adam will be planting a lime and a hornbeam at South Road Play Area in the coming weeks.

More trees have been purchased for the project; these will be grown on until the weather is suitable for planting. All these trees will require maintenance to help them establish, and we would like to hear from anyone who would like to help water or weed the growing trees. If you can think of more places to plant trees, then please let us know.

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