20mph Statutory Consultation for Histon and Impington

The County Council have today (5 July 2023) launched a statutory consultation into 20mph speed limits across the Parishes.

Early plans had residents frustrated at the omission of the Park Primary School from the reduced speeds. To demonstrate this feeling and inform its own response to the County Council, the Parish Council conducted a survey of residents views on a 20mph scheme.

The results showed strong support for inclusion of more of the main B1049; outside the primary schools, through the crossroad at The Green and past the War Memorial (Water Lane).

County Highways had concerns that such a long stretch of 20mph would reduce overall compliance, diminishing the benefits of the scheme. The plan presented is a compromise between these two concerns.

The Parish Council encourages residents to respond. It is a scheme that is bolder than originally offered so will need support. Equally, residents with objections should also comment. This is a clean slate. Points raised in the Parish Councils informal survey are not automatically part of this statutory consultation by the County Council.

Plans are available at–reference-number-pr——–proposed—mph-speed-limit-zones-and-other-speed-limits-in-cambourne-and-histon-and-impington–4-0

Comments on the proposal should be sent to quoting reference PR0951 by July 28 2023. Comments on this post will not be inlcuded in the formal response to the consultation.