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Denis Payne

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Denis Payne

Parish Councillor

Denis & Jan have lived in Impington for over 30 years, and Denis has been involved in the Parish Councils since 1995.

Before “retiring” I worked at the County Council, applying electronic mapping technology to help plan, analyse and manage a wide range of aspects of the county. I am still involved at the national level bringing knowledge and expertise of Town and Parish Councils and Geographic Information Systems together.

In addition to the Council committees, working groups and task and finish groups that I’m involved with I also sit on the HIHub Board. I am also an employer representative on the Local Pension Board for the Cambridgeshire Local Government Pension Scheme.

Honoured to be able to serve the community for another term; happy to be contacted on any matter at any time

Committees: Planning and Development Consultation; Finance, Governance and Legal

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