Volunteer Tree Officer Position – Histon & Impington Parish Council

The Tree Officer position at the Parish Council is held on a volunteer basis.

We are looking for an individual with an interest in trees and their care and in nature conservation, who can work alongside Parish Council staff in relation to the care and maintenance of the trees on Parish land. In particular, the individual must be available to be contacted to give advice in an emergency, such as during or after a storm. They will also work with staff to provide general advice on tree works such as that resulting from the tree surveys.

As part of the role, the officer may also be asked to cast an eye over planning applications from SCDC where tree work is involved, or where submissions have been made for work on trees with a Tree Protection Order (TPO) or those in a conservation area to help ensure protection of valuable trees. Alerts are received by staff and will then be passed on to the Officer. Any comments can then be passed back to South Cambs by staff or information passed to the Planning Committee when considering an application. Most applications happen between October and March, when it is not bird nesting season, averaging less than five per month.

The hours required would be determined by the need for emergency help and may require a small amount of daytime and weekend work, such as after a storm. There will be an immediate need for review of the most recent tree survey, with priority given to the review of any urgent work suggested in the survey, but otherwise that review could be completed within two months.

The Parish Council may be able to offer mentoring from other people with more experience in order to develop the role, and the role could be shared if more than one person is interested. Any necessary costs would also be covered by the Parish Council.

Part of the role will require working with residents, reviewing issues they may have and keeping them informed of works that might affect their neighbourhood.  You will also be working alongside office and ground staff in order to complete the required works and offer advice. This volunteer role will be covered by the Parish Council’s insurance for volunteers.

If you are interested in the position or would like more information, please contact or call 01223 235906