Planting at the Brook

Two of the Parish Council’s committees have been working with residents to plan the planting up of two of the new bunds that were created at the Brook when it was last dredged by SCDC. The purpose of the bunds was twofold; firstly, to act as somewhere for the silt to be put and secondly, to provide an opportunity to match the natural environment that had been created on the south side when that area was refurbished many years ago.

Advice has been obtained from local experts who were also involved in the refurbishment of the southern bank some time ago, and this Friday 26th May, the planting will take place on site. Preplanted coir mats and some individual plants will be used, and the plants chosen will be ones suitable for a water margin and include varieties typically found in Cambridgeshire. The coir mats should mean the plants have a better chance of survival.

Once planting is completed, we would really appreciate it if people could avoid stepping on the mats and keep children and dogs from doing this too, to give the plants a better chance to survive.