Trees at Homefield Park

More tree works to begin over the coming weeks

We have now received permission from South Cambridge District Council for further work on trees on Parish Council sites, as per our previous article.  There will be observation of these trees for nesting birds in the days and weeks prior to the work, with work on any trees that have active nests deferred to later in the year, as has already happened at one site. The trees will be marked by our Tree Officer before work begins. The sites involved will be the Coppice, the Copse, Homefield Park and the Village Green.

The tree at the Village Green is a large horse chestnut, near the pump. Unfortunately, the tree is rotten at the base, so it is being removed for health and safety reasons, this work will be undertaken during half term. We are planning to leave a stump for people to sit on.

As part of the permissions, there are some requirements for planting of new trees, which we will consider once all the work has been completed and produce a replanting schedule for the autumn/winter season.